Here’s Why Branded Lens Cleaning Cloths Are Great for Promoting Your Company

Here we set out the case for why branded lens cleaning cloths are great for helping you promote your company at both events and day to day marketing. If you are involved in the eyewear industry you’ve probably been to a few trade shows and been involved in a few marketing drives in your time.

It’s probably also fair to assume that you’ve come across plenty of ideas and promotional products that promote your company at the events.

Reasonable unit cost.

Although not a cheap as typical marketing collateral like promotional pens or markers, branded lens cleaning cloths are much cheaper than drawstring bags and much less cumbersome than glasses cases.

Price wise they are on a par with printed microfibre glasses pouches but overall much more useful. Additionally, if branded subtly they can easily fit into the day to day eyewear habits of your customers.

Branded lens cleaning cloths are an excellent promotional product.

Branded lens cleaning cloths are an excellent promotional product.

Full colour printing.

Modern lens cleaning cloths are manufactured from tightly woven microfibre cloth. This miracle material is perfectly suited to full colour printing. With the use of digital or screen printing techniques, the lens cloths can be custom branded, edge-to-edge on both sides.

The end result is a high quality printed lens cloth with a washable finish that shows your company or marketing message in its’ best light. Not only that, the printed finish does not interfere with the cleaning ability of the microfibre material.


Weighing no more than a few grams per cloth has many benefits. Firstly, you can conveniently fit thousands into a box that is still light enough for any member of your team to carry. Secondly, each cloth is so lightweight and inconspicuous they very rarely get tossed aside as an annoyance.

Even if they are not used by the recipient, there will always be someone in the household that will find a use for it such as using it as an iPad cleaning cloth.


When it came into daily use microfibre cloth was heralded across the globe as a miracle material. This tightly woven cloth is incredibly durable and can withstand years of use. The fibres are so tightly woven that it does not rip or scag easily. Not only that, it can be washed time and time again and still retain its usefulness.

As a result, your printed promotional image on a branded lens cloth will last for its entire life-cycle. For years to come your promotional message could be part of the eyewear routine of your most important customers.


Everyone has a small microfibre cloth lying about somewhere in the home or office, and for good reason. These handy little things are incredibly useful to have lying around. Got a smudge on your iPad or monitor? A quick rub down with the cloth and it’s gone.

With everyone having a screen around, the lens cloths can end up doubling up as a branded screen cleaner. The microfibre material is designed to clean up almost anything without the use of additional liquids.

Of course, as lens cleaning cloths they are unbeatable. It’s no surprise they are so popular for branding and promotions in the eyewear industry.

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