Microfibre News & Updates on Customisation Options

Global Promotional Solutions are expert suppliers of printed microfibre for promotional marketing campaigns. We keep up to date with custom microfibre industry developments. Here you will find all the posts we’ve written that cover microfibre for business promotions.

What is Microfiber Cloth? A Guide to this Incredible Material

Have you ever wondered about microfiber or microfibre cloth? This incredible material has a huge history and a million uses. This guide to microfiber cloth will help you gain an educated insight and boost […]

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Using Microfibre Cloths to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is never an easy task. Usually there is quite a lot of work involved and it can be extremely costly. Marketing and advertising can run into thousands of pounds for small […]

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The Various Uses of Microfibre Cloths

Since the 1950s when microfibre cloths first began to be developed, the material has spread to a variety of uses. Microfibre refers to fibre that is less than one Decitex, a measure of linear […]

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Don’t Touch the Touch Screen: Caring for Your iPad

It has happened to every person to ever own a touch screen device: You are at a restaurant or pub during a quick lunch break, eating your favorite greasy finger-food, when inspiration strikes.  You reach […]

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