Top 5 Reasons to use Custom Branded Lanyards at Corporate Events or Trade Shows

Used the world over at corporate events and trade shows, custom branded lanyards simply cannot be beaten. In this article we lay down the case for lanyards with the top 5 reasons as to why they are so beneficial to businesses. Whether for events, shows, businesses, government organisations, retail stores and now even as fashion accessories, the use branded lanyards continues to strengthen.

Generally worn around the neck, the lanyard can have any number of clips attached such as carabiner, alligator, swivel and more. The lanyard clips can be used to attach a6 plastic wallets with id badges, branded passes, promotional pens and mobile phones. Additional safety clips can also be used to ensure attachments breakaway in the case of an emergency.

1. Identification of patrons, businesses and exhibitors.

When combined with ID card holders, lanyards are perfect for helping identification. Easily identify those who should be at the event and those who shouldn’t. With the extensive range of branding and customisation options such as full-colour printing or coloured materials, identification can be reduced to a glance.

Most notably, custom branded lanyards are perfectly suited to more prestigious events such as racing car meets, fundraising dinners, auctions and events. In cases where the guests are more high profile custom wristbands may not always be welcomed by the patrons.

Custom branded lanyards are perfect for company promotions.

Custom branded lanyards are perfect for company promotions.

2. Branding for your company, product or campaign.

As mentioned earlier, lanyards are easily customised in all manner of ways. Aspects of the actual lanyard that can be branded include the type of material, material colour, single or full colour printing on the material and the length and width of the material.

That is just for starters! Additionally, you can then add a range of attachments and clips to further extend their brandability. For example, you can add a simple dog clip or oval swivel clip and then attach custom branded passes, wallets and ticket holders.

The passes or tickets can be customised even further with print finishes, embossing and custom shapes. With such an extensive range of personalisation options it’s easy to see why branded lanyards are such popular promotional products for corporate events, trade shows and more.

VIP lanyards can provide access for important guests.

VIP lanyards can provide access for important guests.

3. Security access to VIP areas for selected patrons.

You can easily streamline your access to all areas with custom branded lanyards. Using a simple colour code such as gold, silver and bronze you can ensure only the highest-profile guests and patrons can access your prestigious VIP areas and aftershow parties.

Not only that, nothing projects importance more than a personalised VIP lanyard than give you access to all areas. Event holders can also create special lanyards that are only available to press, managers, coordinators and staff.

Printed lanyards can be very cost effective when ordered in bulk.

Printed lanyards can be very cost effective when ordered in bulk.

4. Can be very cost effective when ordered in bulk.

If you’re ordering personalised lanyards in bulk the cost can be greatly reduced. So much so you can pay pennies per unit for basic, single-colour printed lanyards. Of course, they are even cheaper when you order plain lanyards, but no-one is going to keep a plain lanyard after the event or show has finished. The key to keeping your costs down is to simplify your requirement as best you can.

The durability of branded lanyards ensures they are kept.

The durability of branded lanyards ensures they are kept.

5. Durable enough to last long after the event finishes.

One USP for custom branded lanyards over wristbands for events are the durability of the product. Most of the time custom wristbands are destroyed when removing them. Consequently they are rarely kept after the event has finished.

With personalised neck lanyards they are very easy to remove. Consequently, they are much more likely to be kept long after the event is over. Furthermore, this ensures your company branding or campaign message is still being transmitted long into the future.

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