5 Types of Personalised Microfibre Cloths for Branding and Promotions

Heralded as a revolutionary material when released, microfibre cloth has become ubiquitous in a variety of industries. Because of this it has also become an incredibly popular promotional tool. Personalised microfibre cloths are an excellent choice for a range of branding and marketing promotions.

The cloth can be cut to any size and made into bags, pouches, towels, covers and much more. What’s more, the finely woven microfibre material is perfect for custom printing promotional marketing messages and company branding. Below are just 5 of the most popular types of personalised microfibre cloths available today.

1. Custom printed microfibre iPad covers.

iPads are incredibly popular and are now used in their thousands by companies in sectors such as insurance and customer service. Almost always, when used for business purposes each iPad has a protective cover issued by the company.

Sponge Foam Pouches

Custom printed microfibre iPad covers.

Getting your iPad covers custom printed with your company branding is a great way of ensuring your employees are reminded to respect your property and remind them it is a workplace device. If you’re primary customers are call centres and alike then gifting custom printed microfibre iPad covers is a canny way to placing a full time advert permanently inside the target company.

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2. Branded microfibre lens cleaning cloths.

One of the most popular methods of personalising microfibre cloths, branded lens cleaning cloths have many uses and a range of selling points. Firstly, they are small, lightweight and innocuous. Secondly, they are extremely useful around both the home and in the office. Branded lens cleaning cloths rarely get disposed of and are used to clean all manner of devices as well as glasses and spectacles.

Lens Cleaning Cloths

Branded microfibre lens cleaning cloths.

Finally, they are extremely durable and can last for years. The finely woven microfibre material is perfect for full colour printing. They can also be washed and still retain the branded message and cleaning abilities.

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3. Personalised microfibre golf towels.

Similar to iPad cleaning cloths, personalised microfibre golf towels are used to keep the clubs clean before use and when you’re on the green. Microfibre is extremely efficient at cleaning surfaces and does not require additional solvents. As a result they are perfect for cleaning dirt off the surfaces of a golf club.

Custom Microfiber Golf Towels

Personalised microfibre golf towels.

Golfers the world over have chosen microfibre as ‘the’ go to material for keeping their clubs clean. Because of this popularity personalising microfibre golf towels is a great way of getting your company branding in front of your ideal customers.

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4. Printed microfibre drawstring bags.

Along with lens cleaning cloths, drawstring bags are a very popular promotional giveaway at shows, events and marketing drives. The bags can be full colour printed on both sides and are incredibly durable. Additionally, people also use them as small carry bags for items such as small change and keys.

Drawstring Bags

Printed microfibre drawstring bags.

Perfect for companies to get their message across, custom printed microfibre drawstring bags are relatively cheap, lightweight and can last for years.

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5. Promotional microfibre iPad cleaning cloths.

Essentially are larger version of lens cleaning cloths, promotional microfibre iPad cleaning cloths have become ubiquitous. This is thanks in part to the efficient cleaning capability of the finely woven microfibre material. Cloths such as this are practically on the coffee tables and desks of everyone in the country.

iPad Cleaning Cloths

Promotional microfibre iPad cleaning cloths.

Consequently, promotional iPad cleaning cloths custom printed and branded to your specifications are a sure fire route to advertising your company or product. For years to come your marketing message can be in the homes of your ideal customers, all the while attached to something useful.

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