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Lanyards – How the Material, Size & Branding Has Evolved

Lanyards have been around since the 15th century when they were used by sailors to fasten rigging and carry functional items such as knives or whistles around their neck. Modern lanyards were strictly functional […]

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Selecting the Correct Type of Lanyard ID Holders, Cards or Badges

There was a time when security ID cards or badges were kept in your wallet. They were pulled out every time you needed access to a specific area and were prone to getting lost […]

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Promotional Lanyards: UK Business Marketing & Utility Combined

Promotional lanyards have become a ubiquitous marketing tool. It’s now quite normal to see lanyards and accompanying ID badges dangling from the neck of every person at promotional business and marketing events all over […]

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Printed Lanyards: A Popular Business Promotion Tool

In the past 10 years printed lanyards have gained a business foothold as a cost effective promotional tool for businesses. In business it’s often small accessible items that become effective instrument for advertising. Custom […]

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