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Branded Rainbow Lanyards Being Used to Promote LGBT Awareness in the UK Workplace

Support for the LGBT community has never been greater. Now, an award-winning social enterprise is using branded rainbow lanyards to further increase awareness in the workplace. Scarf in Aberdeen have recently introduced the multi-coloured [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to use Custom Branded Lanyards at Corporate Events or Trade Shows

Used the world over at corporate events and trade shows, custom branded lanyards simply cannot be beaten. In this article we lay down the case for lanyards with the top 5 reasons as to [...]

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Promotional Lanyards: UK Business Marketing & Utility Combined

Promotional lanyards have become a ubiquitous marketing tool. It’s now quite normal to see lanyards and accompanying ID badges dangling from the neck of every person at promotional business and marketing events all over [...]

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