Up to Date Information Regarding Tracking Wristbands

Over the years wristbands have come to take many unexpected forms, so it will come as no surprise to most of us that they have started to be used to track us. This section of the website contains all the news and articles we post relating to tracking wristbands and the industry.

5 New Technological Innovations in Wristbands Use

Wristbands have never been so popular. Due to large scale research and development, new technological innovations are driven to market every day.
If you thought we’d seen enough of wristbands then think again. The immense […]

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The Rise of Biometric Wristbands for Health Monitoring & Payment Systems

Wearable technology is becoming ubiquitous. More and more companies are exploring the benefits with biometric wristbands having one of the strongest selling points.
The future of wristbands is here, and low and behold they’re packed […]

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Apple Payment Wristbands Ride the Wave of Wearable Tech

Over the last few years there’s been a massive boom in wearable tech with leading companies such as Nike, Google and Apple spending millions on innovation. So it should come as no surprise that […]

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Wristbands for Tracking Your Child: Dystopian or Not?

It should come as no surprise when we hear about overcautious parents looking to track their children using RFID chipped wristbands that are loaded with behaviour patterns and expected routes and locations for the […]

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