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Plastic and Metal Lanyard Clips for Style and Safety.

In conjunction with our huge range of lanyards we also provide the option of a multitude of lanyard clips. On this page we have shown a variety of widely used plastic lanyard clips and metal lanyard clips. We can however easily source any type of and style lanyard safety clips you require.

In general we supply most of our personalised lanyards with a single metal or plastic clip however if you require double clip lanyards we do supply those as well. If you have a very specific custom requirement for a particular lanyard safety clip then please call our UK offices on 02920 227 995.

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Metal lanyard clips.

Dog clips.

dog clips

Dog clips are premium quality metal lanyard clips. They are the most commonly used clips and are standard issue with all our custom printed lanyards.

Crocodile clips.

crocodile clips

Perfect for badges with a rectangular slot, these clips are nickel-plated and ease-of-use with a reliable grip. These metal clips are also great value for money.

Carabiner clips.

carabiner clips

Used for more rugged applications where heavier items may be attached (mobile phones, GPS etc…) to the lanyard such as in sports or the outdoors.

Oval Swivel Clip.

Continental Carabineer Clips

Another quality clip is the Oval swivel clip. This is a different style of clip which can be used for passes or attachments to the lanyard.

Metal buckles.

Metal Buckles

Detachable metal buckles are used when there is a need to remove the attached item (tools, waterproof pouches, etc…) without removing the lanyard from around the neck.

Plastic lanyard clips.

Neck safety release clips.

Neck Safety Release Clips

These plastic lanyard clips are an option that is becoming more of a standard request. If you have concerns about Health & Safety requirements these clips will cover it.

Bottle holder clips.

Bottle Holder Clips

Bottle holder clips great attachments for use at conferences, trade shows and outdoor summer events to carry bottled water whilst freeing up both of your hands.

Plastic buckles.

Plastic Buckles

Detachable plastic buckles are used when you need to remove the attached item (tools, waterproof pouches, etc..) without removing the lanyard from around the neck.