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Branded Rainbow Lanyards Being Used to Promote LGBT Awareness in the UK Workplace

Support for the LGBT community has never been greater. Now, an award-winning social enterprise is using branded rainbow lanyards to further increase awareness in the workplace. Scarf in Aberdeen have recently introduced the multi-coloured [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to use Custom Branded Lanyards at Corporate Events or Trade Shows

Used the world over at corporate events and trade shows, custom branded lanyards simply cannot be beaten. In this article we lay down the case for lanyards with the top 5 reasons as to [...]

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Wearable UV Wristbands Can Now Monitor Your Exposure to the Sun’s Radiation

Brand new for 2019, a team of researchers from RMIT University, Melbourne have developed a range of wearable wristbands that react to UV radiation from the sun. These ‘UV wristbands’ utilise light-sensitive ink that [...]

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Cashless RFID Wristbands Being Replaced with Smart Phone Payment Technology

Yesterday’s news has become yesterday’s news with cashless RFID wristbands slowly being replaced. By what you might ask? Replaced by more popular smart phone based payment technology. Cashless wristbands were once heralded as the [...]

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Here’s Why Branded Lens Cleaning Cloths Are Great for Promoting Your Company

Here we set out the case for why branded lens cleaning cloths are great for helping you promote your company at both events and day to day marketing. If you are involved in the [...]

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