Branded Rainbow Lanyards Being Used to Promote LGBT Awareness in the UK Workplace

Support for the LGBT community has never been greater. Now, an award-winning social enterprise is using branded rainbow lanyards to further increase awareness in the workplace. Scarf in Aberdeen have recently introduced the multi-coloured lanyards into the UK workplace as part of a campaign to promote LGBT awareness.

No employees are forced to wear the brightly coloured lanyards. However, Scarf has seen huge interest amongst staff keen to display their support for all things LGBT.

Thane Lawrie, Scarf chief executive was quoted as saying—

“I hope seeing our staff wearing these lanyards will highlight Scarf as a place free of discrimination.” —Thane Lawrie | Scarf

Most notably, Scarf has reached the Sunday Times Top 100 list of ‘not-for-profit’ companies to work for for 5 years running. This has much to do with its workplace culture, core values and overall integrity.

On this subject Thane Lawrie says—

“We want everyone who walks through our door to feel they are in a safe space regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, financial situation, religion etc. and that everyone feels free to be themselves. I hope that seeing our staff wearing these lanyards will highlight Scarf as a place free of discrimination” —Thane Lawrie | Scarf

As a result of the personalised lanyards campaign, Scarf and LGBT awareness is enjoying UK national exposure way beyond the Scottish borders. This we’re guessing is exactly what they’re after which would make it a pretty successful awareness campaign.

You can also purchase the multi-coloured lanyards online. Why not show your support and join in the fun? Just send a donation of £2 to the Equality Network or visit the Scarf website for further information.

Branded rainbow lanyards also being used in the NHS.

The use of buying multi-coloured lanyards in bulk has become infectious. As a result, many hospitals in the NHS are now adopting them. One instance is staff and volunteers at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust are using them as an indicator. Wearing the branded lanyards shows that they are a ‘safe listening ear’ for anyone with LGBTQ+ concerns.

Branded rainbow lanyards and badges are routinely being purchased in bulk by the NHS.

Branded rainbow lanyards and badges are routinely being purchased in bulk by the NHS.

Olivia King who is the Equality Advisor for BSUH has said—

“Although subtle, the rainbow pins and lanyards represent a determination across our Trust to raise the standards of understanding and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, whether as colleagues or patients”

Funding for the NHS branded rainbow lanyards is being supported by UK workers union Unite and the Royal College of Nursing. More instances of their bulk use are springing up every day across the UK. All of this has to be hugely positive for society as a whole. Amazing what a humble lanyard and good intentions can achieve.

Getting rainbow LGBT lanyards custom printed and personalised.

Most notably, the rainbow coloured pattern on the lanyards’ cord is only the beginning. There are still a myriad of ways to get them personalised. All lanyards can be full-colour custom printed on both with additional text or logos running down the lanyard. Consequently, they can be fully customised for your business or marketing campaign.

Further personalisation is possible with rainbow breakaway lanyards. This ensures that the id badges or attachments worn by your staff will breakaway from the lanyard if they ever get trapped. Additionally you can keep the costs down buy buying them wholesale in bulk.

Personalised rainbow lanyards are an ideal way of showing your business is inline with a modern LGBT tolerant society. Not only that, making this little effort may also result in local or national exposure. You may even find your staff will wear them with pride.

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