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Printed Wristbands for Custom Branded Event Security & Promotions.

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Wristband printing on silicone, fabric, tyvek or vinyl.

Printed silicone wristbands

Printed-Charity-WristbandsOur silicone wristbands are perfect for printing your custom message and company branding on. Although they are not as hard wearing as debossed silicone wristbands, this version for most of our UK customers is more than enough to meet your requirements.

For colouring of the charity wristbands we can pantone match pretty much any colour. Plus we are able to put most single colour designs onto the surface. We do have some recommendations which we will talk you through when you get in touch.

Printed tyvek wristbands

printed-tyvek-wristbandsWe also provide high quality printed tyvek wristbands which are a low cost alternative to issuing tickets for event entry. These are sometimes referred to as paper wristbands and in almost all cases they are for single use only.

We use the latest technology to ensure every individual wristband has the same high level rendered logo or message. Printed tyvek wristbands are usually produced in a single colour but they are also available with full colour digital.

Printed fabric wristbands

Printed-Fabric-wristbandsOur fabric wristbands are manufactured from polyester and can be branded in full colour. Printed fabric wristbands can generally last for more than a single day which makes them an ideal choice for security access to multi-day events such as festivals.

For printing on fabric wristbands we use a dye sublimation print process which can achieve a very fine detailed print. The printed wristbands can fit most size wrists as they can have adjustable clasps to ensure they are comfortable and fitted correctly.

Printed vinyl wristbands

Vinyl wristbandsA great alternative to rubber wristband printing are these printed vinyl wristbands. They are available in 10 different colours and can be printed on with a single colour. Vinyl wristbands are quite strong and durable making them perfect for extended use.

They are single use and come with a snap closure mechanism to ensure they are not easily removable after fitting. This tamper prevention ensures peace of mind knowing the entry security at your event is completely taken care of.

Printed wristbands are an excellent means of promoting your UK business or message. There are many different custom materials to choose from such as tyvek, silicone, vinyl and fabric. Most custom printed wristbands are cheap & durable. Generally, each type has a specific use and price point, providing the right product for your event or campaign. Depending on your event we provide a range solutions. If security is of vital importance to your event our wristbands can also be non-transferable, serial numbered or supplied with RFID & UV thread.
For example, printed silicone wristbands can be much cheaper than debossed & colour filled wristbands. You still get the same level of visibility as with debossed silicone, however rubber printed wristbands can be a slightly more cost effective solution but they have less durability. We have a wealth of experience with a large customer base in the UK and internationally. We’re experts in supplying unique ideas & providing effective product solutions. For advice on which option may be best please talk to our sales team.

Recent customer testimonial.

“I will be requesting a repeat order very soon, the guys absolutely love the wristbands, stand out better than Help for Heroes and don’t look tacky, very pleased and thank you, also for the customer care follow up, impressed!”
Barry Jones, Help Our Wounded Marines

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