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Custom Vinyl Wristbands for Events, Hospitality & Festivals.

A little about the vinyl event wristbands we supply.

Vinyl wristbands are the logical step in cheap wristband event security. They have a proven track record and have been around for many years. They are used for single entry and multi-day event use. They are inexpensive, durable, strong, waterproof and by using a clip fastening closure attached to the wristbands are quick and easy to secure.
With custom vinyl wristbands the closure strength and durability makes it extremely difficult to transfer without cutting or visibly damaging the wristband. In some cases such as at all-inclusive hotels they can be worn for up to 2 weeks without any issues of loss, damage or irritation. They are relatively hygienic compared to fabric wristbands.

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Vinyl event wristbands are often used in hospitality, sports events and very visible at festivals. They are cheap, and available in a variety of colours, slim (15mm) and wide (25mm) widths. Logos, text and even barcodes can be custom printed on them usually using a black print however other colours and multi-colour print are available depending on your budget.

The international & UK vinyl event wristband market is always evolving and there are new colours, coating and unique options being developed. So please get in touch with one of our UK sales team to find out how we can make your custom vinyl wristbands a little bit special.

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