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Fundraising in the UK with Charity Wristbands

The fundraising landscape across the UK has completely changed due to the introduction of charity wristbands. Almost all the major UK charities such as Help for Heroes, Support our Troops, Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan […]

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10,000 Hands Silicone Wristbands Campaign – Making Lewisham City Safe

Global Promotional Solutions Ltd is in the company of Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and Michael Gove in supporting the 10,000 Hands Campaign.  We are delighted to have produced and supplied the colourful silicone wristbands […]

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Sponsored Wristbands: A Fantastic Way to Reduce Event Cost

So you’re looking to put on an event of some kind and you realise that amongst the plethora of considerations, one of the most important factors to consider is going to be cost. After […]

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Fundraise & Market Your Event or Cause Using Wristbands

If you’re considering holding an event and need to raise funds or market your event you may want to consider using wrist bands. In the past few years promotional wristbands have become an increasingly […]

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Charity Fundraising Wristbands: The Success Story

A decade ago, you never would have guessed that silicone wristbands would make such a big impact for some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world. These simple, inexpensive wristbands can now be […]

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