Event Management Uses for Custom Printed Wristbands

If you’re looking to put together an event of some kind or a promotion that will try to involve large amounts of people and as much brand exposure as possible, printed wrist bands could really help make a difference.

Custom wristbands are versatile and with a bit of imagination and the application of technology there can be many uses for them. Functionality is primary of course but printing and branding opportunities should not be overlooked.

Recently Disney switched to RFID chipped wristbands for complete access. Calling them ‘magic bands’ the wristband acts as the wearers room key, theme park ticket, access to FastPass+ selections and PhotoPass card all-in-one.

Funding Your Event.

Using custom printed wristbands to raise funds for an event you’re holding is one of the most cost effective uses of these versatile promotional items. Because they come in so many colours and styles they’re never a hard sell for any potential event sponsor.

They are used as an alternative to tickets or ink stamping onto the skin, with many people keeping them as souvenirs long after the event has finished. It’s also possible to put a QR Code onto the printed wristband which can help promote your website or future events.

Here are some of the event uses available:

  • Admission
  • Age identification
  • Backstage passes
  • Bag checks
  • Brand awareness
  • Catered events
  • Child/Parent match-up
  • Pit passes
  • Message promotion
  • Promotions
  • Raffles & prizes
  • Ride tickets
  • Special access
  • Sponsorship
  • Contests
  • Group Identification
  • Height restrictions
  • Hospitality access
  • Identifying staff
  • Multi-day passes
  • VIP passes

At night clubs and bars.

Using printed wristbands in your club or bar whether they are paper, plastic, silicone or fabric wristbands will help streamline not just the admission process but also the on-going management of guests coming in and out of the venue. They will also help is designating specific area access such as VIP lounges with the ability to produce low volume runs that are colour specific.

Most club owners will choose a luminous colour scheme to ensure the wristbands are recognisable at a glance by door management to help streamline event entry even more. Of course, every time the wearer looks at their wrist they are reminded of your company branding or message.

Buying Tips.

Before you buy custom printed wristbands you’ll need to make a few decisions up-front. For example, you’ll need to decide on the material you’d like to use such as fabric wristbands, tyvek wristbands, silicone, paper or printed slap bracelets. Each material has different options for customisation available and the cost per unit can vary as a consequence.
You’ll also need to think about volume and what you expect to pay for unit cost. You certainly don’t want to run out but on the other hand if your requirement is a one-off you don’t want to end up with thousands of left over wristbands.

Your online vendor should be able to discuss your requirement on the telephone and offer you a professional recommendation for your needs. For most requirements there will always be a bespoke aspect to the order that can’t be catered for by just using the website.

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