The key differences our premium branding service can offer you

Our meticulous approach ensures what we create reflects the unique essence of your brand

Your vision—our goal


With decades of experience, Global Promotional Solutions is a trusted partner in supplying unique branded products to premium brands, prestigious venues, and large-scale events. We have extensive expertise with high-end motorsports brands and are generally under NDA with most clients.

We partner with you to transform your customer, partner, and sponsorship engagement programmes. Our aim is to enhance your gifting, merchandise and overall brand experience to cement your position as a leader and innovator in your field.



By researching and acknowledging your brand’s heritage and values, we work cohesively with you to understand your objectives, develop your brand, and resonate with your target audience. Our dedicated account managers ensure every gift or merchandise product complements your brand’s unique identity, delivering products that reflect your core values.



We specialise in creating branded gifts, products, and merchandise that authentically reflect your brand values. Often, this involves producing entirely new products from your designs, ensuring every detail aligns with your creative vision and adheres to corporate guidelines.



At GPS, sustainability is always at the forefront. We strive to propose solutions that leave a minimal footprint on our ecosystem, aligning with our commitment to the environment.



While we embrace emails, we still value the personal touch of telephone conversations and meetings, whether in person or online. Clear, effective, and regular communication ensures potential issues are resolved well before they become problems.