Don’t Touch the Touch Screen: Caring for Your iPad

It has happened to every person to ever own a touch screen device: You are at a restaurant or pub during a quick lunch break, eating your favorite greasy finger-food, when inspiration strikes.  You reach for your iPad or phone to type out a quick note or email, and slide your finger across the glassy surface to unlock the screen.  A thin film of grease left by your finger occludes your view – disaster has struck!

You look around, but you can’t find anything resembling the microfibre cloths than often come with phones and tablets to clean the screens.  You immediately reach for the nearest napkin to wipe away the grease.  You use the small, circular movements to remove the offending substance, just like you’ve always been taught.  When you lift the napkin, you notice your small, circular movements have resulted in small, circular scratches on your prized device’s screen.  Oh, my!  What have you done?  You are fully aware of how much those scratches will annoy you for the life of your device.  How could you have prevented this?

GPS Mini screen cleaner

Screen Protectors for iPad.

Few things in the world of iPad and phone touch screens are as annoying as small scratches in the viewing area.  It seems as if users are capable of scratching any touch screen, regardless of the claims of the manufacture or the type of material used.

One of the most important products to have is a “screen protector,” or some similar item.  These screen protectors are analogous to a clear layer of skin over the screen.  They are removable barriers designed to take the punishment that dust and grime can dish out to the touch screen.  If a scratch or ding does occur, you can simply remove the screen protector and put down a new one.  Some protectors are even “self-repairing”, made of a substance that seems to magically fill itself in, like a liquid, when small scratches occur.

microfibre cloths assorted

Microfibre Cloth for iPad.

Another import device for saving your tablet’s touch screen is having a microfibre cloth for iPad.  Micro fibre cloths are designed to clean touch screens without scratching the surface due to there specially woven fibres. Fingerprints, dust, grease and smudges are easily removed with minimal risk to the screen’s surface. And they don’t have to be boring either, there are a multitude of printed microfibre cloths available to compliment your treasured iPad or tablet.

There are also several sprays that can be used with microfibre cloths to produce an exceptionally clean and scratch-free screen.  A microfibre cloth for iPad and screen protector can often be purchased in a kit that includes everything you need to care for your touch screen.

Do Something About It.

Whatever you decide to do to take care of your screen, it is important to do something.  Doing nothing to prevent or remedy touch screen problems will result in a poor customer experience.  The life of your iPad, and your happiness with it, is dependent on your taking care of its most important surface!

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