5 New Technological Innovations in Wristbands Use

Wristbands have never been so popular. Due to large scale research and development, new technological innovations are driven to market every day.

If you thought we’d seen enough of wristbands then think again. The immense popularity of the silicone wristband for charity use may have peaked but this compact and durable format is still going from strength to strength. Here are 5 of the latest technological innovations in wristband use.

Advanced Diabetes Wristband Developed by Gluco(M)

Advanced Diabetes Wristband Developed by Gluco(M)

1. Diabetic alert wristbands.

Over the past few years we’ve seen plenty of alert type wristbands being brought out by various charities and awareness groups. Usually they have essentially been a simple customised wristband with details of the wearers’ condition in a sort of extension of the hospital wristband.

Now that technological innovation has gotten hold of the concept we now see the introduction of the Gluco(M) wristband. This exciting new wristband innovation is a 3-in-1 medical device designed to aid diabetics in keeping a watchful eye on their current condition. The wristband can track glucose levels and has built-in insulin cartridges.

Silicone based USB Flash Drive Wristbands

Silicone based USB Flash Drive Wristbands

2. Silicone USB flash drive wristbands.

This is an excellent little innovation. We’ve all seen USB flash drives slowly become smaller and smaller and used in anything from credit cards to miniature guitars. Well now they’ve finally made it to the wrist with these innovative, silicone bands.

Storage capacity can be anywhere up to 8GB and there are tons of styles available as well the simple silicone based wristbands you can see in the image.

Sea-Band Motion sickness knitted wristband

Sea-Band Motion sickness knitted wristband

3. Motion sickness knitted wristbands.

This material based wristband is designed to provide relief from motion sickness and travel nausea and has been cited to aid women with morning sickness. These type of wristbands is also cited as being able to aid cancer treatment patients in the discomfort of undergoing chemotherapy but some of the effects are attributed to placebo effect.

From the primary manufacturer:

“Sea-Band is a knitted elasticated wrist band, which operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud.” Sea-Band

Gadget charging silicone wristband by TsirTech

Gadget charging silicone wristband by TsirTech

4. Gadget charging silicone wristbands.

Now this is something that’s pretty advanced and dare we say it pretty cool. The silicone based ‘Wrist Charger’ or ‘Charge Band’ is manufactured by a company called TsirTech and utilises new innovations in battery technology to safely store enough power to re-charge a gadget such as your mobile phone.

The silicone wristband itself is a little clunky but not large enough so as to be completely annoying. It does however come with a range of adapters to ensure a perfect fit for various electronic devices. No doubt there will be refined improvements in size and power storage in the near future.

Watch the video review below:

5. Mood sensitive wristbands.

In a similar vein to ‘mood rings’ comes this innovative tech enhanced wristband. Nicknamed the ‘Robometer’ this wrist mounted device can apparently measure your happiness levels.

Robometer mood sensitive wristbands

Robometer mood sensitive wristbands

The Robometer utilises a pair of ‘GSR leads’ worn on the fingers that monitor such physical changes as skin response and voice tone and relays this information via Bluetooth to the device. Your general emotional state is displayed on the wristband via LED indicators.

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