Printed Lanyards: A Popular Business Promotion Tool

In the past 10 years printed lanyards have gained a business foothold as a cost effective promotional tool for businesses. In business it’s often small accessible items that become effective instrument for advertising. Custom printed lanyards along with a handful of other promotional products are a great example of one of these small but useful promotional tools.

Companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes can very easily get their message, logo and branding, pre-printed onto these straps turning them into something much more useful than their basic utility.

They are willingly used in everyday situations such as corporate events for identifying visitors and for the most part are always on display by, to and for everyone at the event, making them an unmatchable promotional item.

Customisation options.

Most lanyards are silk screen printed as this is the most cost effective and widely used process for customisation. For many companies a simple logo screen printed clearly on the lanyard will suffice but there are plenty of other customisation options available. For instance, not all lanyards are made equal; some are wider and thicker than the standard lanyards available. This can be either uncomfortable or really comfortable for people wearing them for any great length of time.

Some lanyards come with a retractable mechanism which can be used to adjust their length which is great for getting them to fit properly. Most of this type usually comes with a safety break feature which is great for kids to help prevent them from accidently choking. There are a wide range of lanyard attachments and clips available for ease of use and safety.

Dye sublimation lanyards can be used for when you need something much more durable. The promotional branding doesn’t fade or peel easily and are perfect for complex tonal logos and even images. You can even get promotional printed lanyards with LED lights woven into the fabric.

Ordering tips.

Most personalised lanyard vendors will be able to supply you with a wide range of possible colours, styles and designs. You’ll need to consider other parameters such as your budget, volume and expected unit cost. Material needs to be considered also as you can get lanyards manufactured from nylon and even recycled plastic but for quality screen printed lanyards it’s best to choose a woven or flat polyester material.

When you’re ready to get your lanyards printed it’s wise to order the actual lanyards from the same supplier who is going to be doing your custom printing. Doing this will save you both time and money and will ensure you end up with a finished product that the vendor knows will be exactly to your cost, quality and promotional requirement. Placing bulk orders can make you considerable cost savings and shipping is usually within a few days to a week.

Most lanyards are about 70 inches in length with most promotional printed lanyards having a logo or message repeat printed along the length. There are many custom options to make your printed lanyard both practical and aesthetically pleasing for wearers so we definitely recommend speaking to qualified supplier before ordering.

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