Promotional Lanyards: UK Business Marketing & Utility Combined

Promotional lanyards have become a ubiquitous marketing tool. It’s now quite normal to see lanyards and accompanying ID badges dangling from the neck of every person at promotional business and marketing events all over the world.

The two primary selling points of lanyards are the dual combination of marketing promotions and utility. This combination is prevalent in many other popular UK promotional products such as wristbands, custom printed microfibre cloths and personalised golf gifts.

General uses of Lanyards.

Lanyards are an extremely valuable tool for security detection. They are widely used with various PVC pouches and attachments at corporate events across the UK for streamlining event access. Plain lanyards are widely used for general purpose visitors’ ID’s, personnel and pupil ID’s in schools.

They are also widely used within the general UK business sector for worker entry recognition and in universities, healthcare centres, government agencies, leisure companies and so on.

Uses of Promotional Lanyards.

Personalised lanyards or promotional lanyards can be a very cost-effective method of event access management. Not only can you customise the lanyard itself, you can also have a custom design on the lanyard pouch insert.

This makes lanyards ideal for advertising. This is simply because you can actually custom print the name of your firm and its company logo on both the material and the PVC pouch inserts. Whilst using lanyards in promotional strategies they can also be fitted with crocodile clips, mobile phone holders and more. So they’re not restricted to just pouches.

Custom Promotional Lanyards, Pouches & Passes

Custom Promotional Lanyards, Pouches & Passes

This makes promotional lanyards almost entirely marketable real estate. You can use the space for promoting future events, your company in general or selling that space to other companies to recoup the costs of producing the lanyards. So it’s really a win, win situation.

Much the same as the way event wristbands are treated, the lanyards are kept after the event as reminders or keepsakes. This means that they go on promoting long into the future.

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