Introduction to Security Wristbands, Material Types & Their Business Uses

When hosting a large event that has premium access you will need to decide what to use to for continued access security. Many people still use tickets but if your guests are continually in and out of the venue security wristbands a definitely the answer.

Way back when most people thought the safest bet for events entry was tickets there were always problems. Guests would lose them or they would get damaged beyond recognition. Some events even proved to be disasters because of the use of certain types of tickets.

Thankfully time has moved on and tickets have evolved into the many types and styles of security wristbands we see today. For almost every type of business promotion or event there is guaranteed to be a suitable bracelet.

Tyvek security wristbands.

Tyvek security wristbands

Tyvek security wristbands

Tyvek security wristbands are simple, single use wristbands made from incredibly strong spun tyvek. This material type is very cheap, comes pre-coloured in a range of colours and can be printed onto with single or multiple colours.

Once wrapped around the wrist and sealed tyvek wristbands become create a permanently locked bracelet which can only be removed by tearing the whole thing apart. This is indeed an ideal safety measure for any event security measure.

Tyvek bands are for the most part used in single day events like small festivals or for night club entry. They can of course be used for all manner of business events. The custom printing facility allows for business promotions and logos to adorn the bracelet.

Fabric festival wristbands.

Fabric festival wristbands

Fabric festival wristbands

Fabric wristbands are a premium alternative to tyvek security wristbands. These types of material bracelets are much more durable than most other types of wristbands. Consequently they do tend to cost more per unit but cost savings are usually gained over the 2 or 3 day period they are worn.

Primarily used for festivals, fabric wristbands are created from tightly woven material which can either be printed onto or have your design stitched into the fabric. The material can also be single colour, multi-coloured or patterned. Security wise they can be purchased with a tamper-proof clip that is usually made of metal or aluminium.

For additional security against forgery sequential numbering, lurex (metallic thread) or Neon/UV backgrounds and text can also be added to ensure a greater level of security for your event. Alternative for more formal events come in the form of lanyards. These can also be custom printed with logos and branding messages.

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