Our Top Five Personalised Promotional Products

These days there are so many promotional products available for personalisation. The ability to promote your business or organisation has never been so easy and cost effective, with so many promotional product suppliers on the internet. The most popular personalised promotional products are almost always ones that have a continued use so your promotional message will live on long after its initial receipt.

In this incredibly competitive world, companies and organisations can spend huge amounts advertising and marketing their products or services. However, there really is something to be said about putting together a cost effective marketing campaign around humble personalised promotional products, such as personalised pens or printed microfibre cloths.

Our top five promotional products:

Here are a list of our top 5 items that have helped businesses large and small gain that all important competitive edge.

Promotional pens.

Promotional pens are an inexpensive way to get your business noticed. Due to their low unit cost when bought in larger quantities they can be handed out by the lorry load at conferences and exhibitions. Buying promotional pens in bulk will give you incredible freedom to hand them out to every person you come across.

Many companies opt to have the pens sent out with goody bags to clients and potential clients. Being an incredibly useful item they almost always wind up on the recipient’s desk, advertising your company message over and over again.

Printed microfiber cloths.

Due to advances in technology both in the manufacture of microfibre cloths and digital printing, custom printed microfibre cloths have really come into their own as promotional products. The ability to have photo quality images printed onto the microfibre really sells itself. The quality of the cloth is just astounding and when you combine this with the utility of the cloth it makes printed microfiber cloths the must have promotional product.

These cloths can last for years and are an extremely handy product. Most working desks will have a use for one. After all, technology is ubiquitous and it always needs a good wipe. Chances are most people will have a permanent use for any microfiber cloth that ended up on their desk.

Printed lanyards.

If you’re hosting an event or conference of any kind then printed lanyards are a must have promotional item. With every attendee at your event having to wear a lanyard for identification you can guarantee that your company message will be read at least once. Many people hang on to event collateral long into the future as a keepsake so your logo and message could be seen time and time again. Printed lanyards are also an extremely cost effective promotional products.

Personalised golf gifts.

Golf is an incredibly popular sport among managers and business executives so what better way to reach out to these important people than with personalised golf gifts. The gifts available for branding are of the same diversity and quality you’d expect from any high street store so pretty much any person interested in golf can be catered for.

Silicone wristbands.

These are a brilliant and cost effective product for conducting company promotions. Silicone wristbands come in a wide range of colours and can be debossed with your company logo or message. These days they are widely used by charitable organisations for national and international promotions but can still be used for effective marketing of your company or service.

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