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Microfibre Lens Cloths & Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths.


Global’s microfibre lens cloths are recommended by top opticians due to the quality and cleaning capability of the lens cloth. The luxurious feel and soft texture provide a statement about your company or brand. Call now for a quote.

Minimum order quantities of microfiber lens cleaning cloths are 500 pcs. Standard sizes are 15 x 9cm, 15 x 18cm, 15 x 20cm, 20 x 20cm. Custom sizes are available subject to MOQ’s.

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Glasses Lens cloths

Branded microfiber glasses cloths.

Microfiber lens cloth is ideal for removing dirt, grease or fingerprints from glasses & spectacles without the necessity for chemicals or detergents. The lens cleaning cloth is lint free with a smooth finish that helps avoid scratching during polishing.

High level, respected brand names such as Hoya, Seiko, Zeiss, and Shamir all put their trust in this microfiber glass cleaning cloth for camera lenses and glasses cleaning. They know using these excellent quality cloths will keep their products in top condition.

Microfibre Drawstring pouch

Branded glasses / spectacles microfiber pouch.

In very much a similar vein to the iPhone® Pouches, branded microfiber glasses / spectacles pouches are also widely used and doubly useful. Having the iPhone® pouch double up as a spectacle cleaning cloth makes this product key for any promotional campaign based around the optical market.

These high quality, durable, long lasting pouches will keep your business in the customer’s vision for long after they’ve received the gift.

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